Real Talk: Series Premiere

Clara Presley is a debut author. She had a one-night stand with England's most prominent talk show host, John Carrington, six months ago in Las Vegas, NV. She ran out on him before the afterglow had a chance to dull to a shimmer. Now, unfortunately, she has to face the repercussions of her actions. She has been scheduled to appear as a guest on his show, Real Talk, to fulfill her contract. The handsome and charismatic Carrington is determined not to allow Clara to escape a second time.

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Real Talk: Series 2

July 1, 2021

Will the question of free will and fate come to a conclusion for Clara Presley and John Carrington? Or will they continue to battle with their internal demons, preventing them from moving forward together? Find out July 1, 2021!

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Review of Real Talk: Series Premiere by H M Aguilar Chanchan

I was in love from the first paragraph

Just as the immensely wonderful John Carrington fell for and couldn’t help but chase after Clara, it was impossible for me to leave this book alone once I had begun reading it. H M Aguilar Chanchan crafted a delightful and detailed narrative that could swing from devastating emotion to being downright hilarious. The characters come to life and draw the reader into every scene. Not to mention the beautifully described locations the couple makes their way to, from shining Las Vegas to beautiful Mexico to graceful Ireland. Every emotion, person, and place is meticulously described to suck the reader in and not let go until they reach the last page.

The novel goes so much farther than just two people falling in love with each other. It’s a woman falling in love with herself after trying for so long to destroy who she was, and is lovingly supported at every step in a way I’m sure we all could use at some point in our lives at least. There is no shying away from the realness of the addictions Clara uses at a way to cope with her struggle of self-worth or the hard aftereffects that come with her coping methods of binging and restricting. The reader is there with Clara at every step as she moves toward a healthier life.

Of course, the romance between Clara and Carrington can’t be ignored either. Between their witty banter and clear passion for each other, their chemistry is more than evident from the very beginning, despite their need to argue nearly every other day. (Then again those arguments led to some incredible scenes that had me fanning myself.) Their story is one of building a relationship of trust and communication on top of the foundation of their love. It’s not a very straight path for them, but they find their way, hand in hand.



Storyteller at Heart

H M Aguilar Chanchan is a literary nerd with an English degree, a classic Brit lit hope, and a creative writing prayer. As evidenced by the previous sentence, the Oxford comma will be pried from her cold, dead fingers. She grew up in the little town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and moved to the big, historical city of Philadelphia thirty years later. She currently lives there with her husband and her cat, Sinatra. They equally fight for her attention while she steals snippets of time to write to her caffeinated heart's content. She is a former federal employee with ten years of service. The aftermath of that position left her thoroughly enthralled by the inner workings of the human mind. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading other books, petting any animal within a five-mile radius, and screaming into the void as a decompressor.

Should anyone be interested in knowing more about her, they may find a 9-minute interview at the following site:

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